How to find the right product in our dog ramp comparison 2022


Even if your dog is getting a bit old, you do not have to do without joint excursions.  chihuahuas so aggressive all you need is a dog ramp to help your faithful companion into the car.

It is important to find the ramp that is best suited for your dog and there is no lack of choice. Ramps are available with folding or telescopic function, made of aluminum or wood, and with various other areas of application, such as the domestic staircase. Find out in our test or comparison table which ramp is suitable for your dog.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our dog ramp comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

  • For older and small dogs, the way into the car is often too difficult. A dog ramp is a good solution to maintain the dog’s independence and still manage the way up quickly.
  • If you want to buy a dog ramp, think in advance about the right product for the size and weight of your dog. Categories such as the mechanics, the material, and possibly other places of use must also be considered.
  • Many dogs first have to get used to the new ramp and learn to walk on it. Give your dog the time he needs and practice with him.

If you have a dog, you also want to take it with you on excursions or take it on a trip. Transportation in the trunk of the car should not cause problems for most dogs. You can install a dog gate for the car or use a dog box. But if the four-legged friend is already a bit old or simply too small to master the jump into the trunk, he needs a little support.

In the dog ramp comparison 2022, we offer you comprehensive purchase advice and thus pave the way to the best dog ramp for your needs. In addition, we give tips on how to get your dog used to the unusual utensil.

Why a dog ramp?

The dogs are no different from us humans: With age, the joints become a little more cumbersome and jumping is no longer easy or even impossible. Then the four-legged friends need support. A car ramp can help with the way in and out of the trunk. This is simply placed on the edge and the dog can comfortably run down the ramp.

But it doesn’t just help older fur lovers.young rat terrier Puppies and small dogs, for whom the distance is otherwise too far, now manage the way without any problems. There are not only entry aids into the car. You can also help the dogs on the sofa or pave the way up the stairs.

Purchase criteria for dog ramps: what you need to pay attention to

Mechanism: Foldable or telescopic

Folding dog ramp

The type folding dog ramp is particularly easy to use, as it only needs to be unfolded. The risk of injury is therefore also low.

In addition, it offers fewer attack points that can be damaged. For example, nothing can freeze in winter.

x The simple mechanism is at the expense of size. The pack size is relatively large.

x The folding ramp can only be folded out to one size and is therefore quite inflexible.

Telescopic dog ramp

The dog ramp is extendable and can be infinitely adjusted individually. In this way, different heights can be overcome.

The packing size is often smaller than with foldable ramps.

x Due to the mechanism, there is a higher risk of injury compared to the other type of ramp.

x In addition, the mechanism can freeze in winter, and in general, the many connection points are more susceptible to damage.

  • Material: Mixtures are particularly good
  • Dog ramp plastic
  • Essentially, dog ramps use three materials, all of which have their advantages:

Plastic: This material is very light yet stable and easy to clean. Cheap dog ramps are often made of plastic. Compared to the other materials, however, it is also less durable.

Aluminum: Aluminium is also light and stable. It does not rust but can get hot in summer.

Wood: Wood is the heaviest material, but it is also particularly stable. It is mainly used for folding ramps.

A mixture of the three is particularly popular to combine their advantages of them and compensate for their disadvantages. Perhaps this type is also suitable for your personal dog ramp test winner.

Dog: The right dog ramp for everyone

Of course, which dog ramp is the best is always related to the dog for which it is intended. Depending on the size and weight, a more stable material may have to be used.

For a small dog such as Chihuahuas, a ramp with a maximum load of 50 kg is completely sufficient. For large dog breeds such as Bernese mountain dogs or golden retrievers, the ramp should withstand up to 85 kg.